“Running from avalanches”

Another floaty aerial.

I flew out of Boston just hours before the first heavy snow storm hit end of Jan. This storm was followed by 3 more and Boston received the most snowfall since the 60′s, but in fact all in one month which made it seem worse than ever. I fortunatley ran from that avalanche and arrived in Cabo verde for a few more.

Josh Angulo Windsurfing wave riding Chango Big Wave

Although Nowadays Ponta Preta is more crowded than it was 17 years ago when I first dicovered it. You still get awesome days with nobody out. This particular swell, one of our sessions in the early morning was just Kai K. , Mitu Monteiro and myself at bombing Ponta Preta and also the “right of the left”. The right off the left is the next peak over at Ponta Preta that gets really big , moves really quick and gives you the chance for 2 big bottom turn/ top turn combos before you need to quickly cut out of the big closeout that breaks in front of crazy boulders. Mitu and myself had a special session as it absolutley pumped wave after wave for an hour straight.

Josh Angulo, Windsurfing, Wave Riding, Late Hit, Chango

Josh Angulo, Windsurfing, Wave riding, Aerial, Late hit, Chango

Josh Angulo windsurfing Wave riding aerial Chango

Fellow rippers Brawzinho and Kauli also flew in for this swell and we traded off sessions at Ali Baba and Curral Jaoul. That’s the cool thing when we get a big swell in Sal . I usually just disappear from my beach club for 3 days, stopping in only in early am for breakfast and throwing a few Changos in the tuck and then in the evning for some fresh Tuna. You can pack so many amazing sessions into a short few day span that you’re usually feeling pretty satisfied .

I’m pretty excited that after so many years, I’m still able to get a big amount of excitment out of those swells , yet I’m in a position in my windsurf career where I get to just carve for myself.. No worries about judges, photos or whatever. Just enjoying it for what it is and in this case of this session was able to avoid all the avalanches both in Boston and Ponta Preta…. and come out unscathed ;)i

Josh Angulo, Widsurfing, Wave riding, Chango, Big Wave

Josh Angulo, Windsurfing, Wave Riding, Aerial, Chango

Josh Angulo Windsurfing Wave Riding Chango

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