Surfa Brushed Carbon

Catching and riding waves has never been this fun

Surfa Brushed Carbon

For 45 years, Ed Angulo has been building and designing surfboards. Ed’s career goal has been to shape boards that perform with ease and comfort. The Angulo Surfa is proof of this experience and authenticity in board design. This smooth and responsive ride is a result of finely blended design components, starting with a balances outline and foam flow, efficient rocker, and precisely tapered rail shape. The Surfa excels in waves, but it is such a pleasant ride that well deliver for any recreational SUPer.

Surfa 8'8"8'8"32"145 liters
Surfa 9'4"9'4"31.5"155 liters
Surfa 10'10'31.5"165 liters

Bushed Carbon Construction

Angulo Brused Carbon Boards are the pinnacle of all our efforts to build the best. A building process that consists of a top tier foam core fully wrapped in vacuum sandwiched high density PVC foam ply and fully encapsulated in a second vacuum bagging process of 100% Carbon and high pressure epoxy adhesion under heat, which combine for the optimum building process and a final product which delivers that absolute pinnacle performance available on the market today!