Lahaina Classic

An allround paddler that loves catching waves

Lahaina Classic

The tropical waters off Lahaina are pleasant and inviting to a variety of SUP enthusiasts. This concept of versatility is the inspiration for your very own Lahaina SUP model. This design provides the all-round paddler to glide for fitness, linger for stretching or ride waves comfortably on those small fun days. If your choice is for one board, then the Lahaina is the one.

9'8" 9'8"31"165 liters
9'8" Wide9'8"33"175 liters
10'6" 10'6"31"185 liters
10'6" Wide10'6"34"230 liters

AST Construction

AST stands for Acrylic Sandwich Technology, This well proven construction uses a thick layer of acrylic fiberglass coupled with key wood reinforcements, higher pressure epoxy adhesion under heat creates an extremely strong product which maintains a great weight, strength and price ratio