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Angulo Korea #8 rev

Aloha to all, Just got back from Korea and flying to Boston brings me to the opposite side of the world , heading west , which equals tormenting jet-lag and some middle of the night time to reflect on the podium finish in Korea.

Every-time we head to Korea, you never know if you’ll get the normal thermal there which can produce some decent but quite gusty and shifty winds or the opposite way winds which sends out to sea and usually extremely bumpy with current. The one thing you do know is you need to be in your game as it’s usually a “quick hit” without much time to get “in the rythm” . THis year proved to be the typical thermal that comes through the valley and funnels a pretty shifty, gusty yet at times strong wind, making equipment choice and racing to be quite challenging.

Personally, as it’s the first event of the year, it’s pretty nerve-wracking as you really din’t know how your speed is gonna be amongst the flock of sailors and I’m always a bit nervous before I get that first heat under my belt. I fortunately was able to get through my first 2 heats, of the first round where I promptly made a bad equipment choice in the semifinals staying on my 8.7 although the wind had spiked up drastically. I could barely get around the course and was relegated to the loser’s final, so I quickly jumped on my 7.9 and threw a smaller fin in my 115 and felt a lot better. Before I headed out, I was still second guessing the conditions and asked Micah what I should do ( meaning 8.7 or 7.9 ? )…He just looked at me relaxed and said ” go win the loser’s final”. That was good advice and got me fired up and went on to get the losers-final victory which proved to be vital in getting the 3rd spot for the event ranking.

In the 2nd elimination, the wind dropped just a bit and I had what for years has been a really good combo for me .. my 8.7, medium board (Magnum 115) and Kashy 40. I had a decent start got to the first buoy in 3rd and managed to overtake a sailor on the next mark and worked hard to hold in to 2nd as I was pretty jacked on the GSR 8.7 and Magnum 115.

Although it was only 2 rounds. I think everybody was a bit tattered (tired) after sailing in those condition and at the end of the day when the results were tallied-up, the top 5 spots were all real close with me being in 3rd, winning a tie breaker with Ross Williams, who was the only other sailor to make 2 finals together with Antoine. Pierre Mortefon was 1.3 points ahead of me as he won a losers final and a final and thus we all headed into the last day with very tight points.

Although the last day started glassy and looked like we weren’t gonna race, it did pick up quite quick in the late afternoon and I needed to quickly get my head in the game that I still had work to do. I went through the motions and got everything tuned up. The wind was light and flukey and although we ran a few heats, the round never went off and the event was called off and we headed to the prize-giving quickly after packing up, then a few hours sleep and the 30 hr. travel back to Boston (being on 2 buses 3 planes and stopping in 5 airports)….It’s great to be home and once I get over this jet-lag and get back to normal, I’ll be ramping up the testing and training for Costa Brava and the rest of the season.

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