Josh’s getting inform for the season

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Since I’ve been home from Tarifa there’s been some typical windy /gusty and light/gusty conditions that I often get at my home spot of Nahant. After a week of sailing with Pieter Bijl in Tarifa and finding the right mast set-ups and sail tuning, Ive been excited to get on the water with any chance possible just to make sure I’m getting some TOW ( time on water). April 22nd proved to be a whole different situation. I throw my 2 big sails in and my 7.9 ( just in case). When I got to the beach, it was sunny, solid surf and steady sideshore at 20-25 kts…. This rarely happens in my neighborhood, so I double checked my basment and I have zero waevsails in Boston. So here I am on the best wave day of the year rigging up my slalom gear, feeling like a total clown. Fortunatley, I had texted my buddy Antoine who brought me a 6.0 Torro and I got to enjoy the best day all year with 2 other windsurf bros and 4 kiters. When I moved to Nahant, I just knew it was by the ocean and close to Logan airport . Now after living there 4 years, I’ve figured out we have consistent wind, it’s the main kiting/ windsurfing beach in Boston and has killer surfing / sup’ing waves ( for Boston area;), so it’s an awesome blessing to get days like this in this part of the world and then drive 2 mins. to my house and family . Oh yeah, I did slalom sail as well, but it’s just hard to do when the surf is firing :)

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