More than 40 years in the making

Ed Angulo Timeline


Sixties: I think I was 11 or 12 when I saw ‘The Endless Summer’. I left that theater KNOWING what I wanted to do in life, I wanted to surf.  Started dabbling with ding repairs and finally shaping my first board in my dads garage. Took me two weeks with a six-inch Surform.  I had no clue and it looked like doo. Worked at Dodger stadium for two reasons: I LOVE the Dodgers, and needed money to buy materials since I had to beg friends to let me shape them a board which meant little or no profit. Played baseball in high school but my heart was at the beach.

Early Seventies: Seems like I did a lot in the first few years. Graduated High School got my first surf related job at Windansea Surfboards in Huntington Beach, foiling fins and gluing blanks. Still begging guys to let me shape them a board. Took a couple of trips to Hawaii before I settled in to island life.

My first trip I lived in  Waikiki with 8 roomates in a 2 room apt. I built a board for one friend in one of the rooms. Guys had to sleep in the polyester stink for a week. Worked for a labor service in Waikiki so I could surf when the waves were up.

My second trip I lived in a tent on Kauai for 3 months. Worked in a restaurant as a dishwasher to make money for food, gas , and blanks. No longer have to fully beg to shape for friends, just need to make them ‘Team Riders’ (translation, Free Shapes).

Back to Oahu I Got a job working for Bill Stonebraker on the North Shore behind Chuns store as a laminator. My heart was still for shaping and Bill helped me get into the Lightning Bolt shop. Shaped for them until 1980. Married Patty and start my family. God blessed me with 3 sons who inherit my love for the ocean.

Moved to HB for 9 months with my new family and shaped for Windansea, glassed for a shop up in signal hill and started a small fin biz. Met Bob Hurley, he was working in Windansea selling boards and T-Shirts. He shaped his first board in my shaping room. When we moved back to the North Shore, Bob helped me build my first workshop. Also took good care of me and my family with great surfwear when he was The King of Billabong.

Living on the North Shore I got locked in with L Bolt, and also shaped for most of the other brands in Hawaii . Surfing was our way of life and  my kids were groms playing in the shorebreak with boogie boards. As they grow into the lineup they enter the first Menehune Contest held at Haleiwa.

Mid – Late Seventies Went to Australia with Pro Surf team from Hawaii and shaped boards for some shops down under including Rip Curl in Torquay. This was the first of many shape trips that included travels to Japan, Thailand, Germany, Italy, Puerto Rico, France, and other cool places in the U.S. Started coming to Maui to shape surfboards for Maui LB shop. Fell in love with Maui then. Built my first Windsurf board in ‘77’ but thought the sport was goofy and had no interest.

A couple of years later I was surfing at Rocky Point and saw 16 yr old Robbie Naish going in and out of the surf at Kammie Land getting huge Moto Cross type jumps…..piqued my interest, started making a few WS boards for Windsurfing Hawaii and even did a few for the Naish’s in their early days.

Got stoked on surfing with a sail in hand as it provided a whole new scope to my love for the ocean and surf.

1980-85: As I committed my shaping to windsurf boards, a German company hires Harold Iggy and me to go and build boards in a small town outside of Munich. I got to work along side Harold who was already a Hall of Fame shaper. I learned some good things from Harold about shaping and about life.

My wife Patty after years of teaching grade school kids about ‘Lani Moo’ at Meadow Gold dairies, gets involved with our windsurf business. Her work ethic and input really help launch our business to a new level. Meanwhile my son Mark is quickly becoming the hottest wavesailor at Backyards. I took him to Maui when he was 15 and he finishes in the top 8 in his first Pro event. We decide to move our family and business to Maui, the ‘Mecca’ of windsurfing. My youngest son Josh is not happy. Leaving his surfpack of friends on the North Shore was difficult. The first few weeks on Maui he refused to try the sport that he claimed to hate.

Our windsurf company was quickly successful and the eighties provided many great memories, trophies, and I experienced my greatest design growth as a shaper. Even Josh got on board (literally) and He and Mark are the only brothers to have won several of Maui’s most prestigious titles.

The 90s Proved to be a difficult decade. Success needs to be managed correctly and our meteoric growth blurred some of my business decisions. I’m a Bible believing, Born again Christian. While we were riding high, I got lukewarm in my spiritual life, and got slack with Biblical principles. I made some poor choices and lost a lot of my joy and passion for the board business. Golf became an outlet for me and Patty chose to pursue a new career in Real Estate. Our sons experienced their own challenges and near destructive times. Basically Angulo Hawaii was experiencing internal pains

I got a Realtors License but didn’t really like it, but still liked shaping boards, and really get hooked on golf. Surviving the nineties was a good thing and I would like to have done some things different. BUT, I would not trade anything for the lessons and awakenings that would come from this time.

The start of a new century:
As a ‘Surf n Turf’ specialist (surfing and golfing) I find that these two sports are very compatible for many reasons. This dual interest allowed me to meet many like-minded practitioners. One of these happened to be the head of marketing for Cobra International. After a round of golf  on the 19th hole, he invited me to go to Thailand to officiate a surf contest and then tour what is now the biggest board building factory in the world.

I made my arrangements and landed in Bangkok on September 11, 2001, what turns out to be hours before the infamous and tragic attack on America.

The world is changing and so is Angulo Hawaii. My son Josh has survived his own struggles and his interest in business fuels a re-ignition of our company and my love for designing things. We go back to our roots to include surfboards, and start our first ‘Production’ Sailboard line. Not too far down the road I got hooked on Stand Up Paddling and we created the first of what has now become our SUPr staple.

The Skill of pushing a planer over a foam blank in the creation of a functional design, takes many boards and years of experience to master. I’m glad I got to do it, but the bottom line is it’s dirty dusty work. Yet creating and then riding a board that works is very rewarding. Doing it all by hand is soulful and richly rewarding, but it has limits. Also it’s difficult to make consistent and subtle modifications in the quest to progress and improve.

Computer design and shaping machines have allowed many enthusiasts to become “shapers” and that’s OK with me. I love this technology. It has allowed me to progress my design work far beyond what I thought possible.

Today our business is the sum of many experiences, passion for the water, commitment to others, and grace from above.

We’re having more fun now than ever, and we want to share that fun with you.

Aloha Ke Akua
Ed Angulo <>< P.S. I have many people to thank for our successes that by trying to list all I would certainly error and miss somebody. But there are some who had exceptional influence in me as a shaper, designer, and golf pro. Thanks first and foremost to my best friend, supporter, and influence. My Wife Patty Rusty Hunter wherever you are, thanks for that first experience with a planer My dad Bill for buying me my first planer Thanks Bill Stonebraker for my first job on the North Shore and teaching me about integrity Thanks Harold Iggy for showing me your humility even though you were a star Thanks Rick Irons for showing me to set the bar high Thanks Eric Arakawa for your enthusiasm and fresh ideas Thanks Bob Hurley for your example and support Thanks Ricky Ryan for all that feedback and stoke Thanks Randy Rarick for helping me to stretch my horizons Thanks Jack Shipley for the jolt I got from Bolt Thanks Mike Foster for always believing in me Thanks Bobby Clampett for the Impact in my golf career Finally and certainly not least thanks to my Sons, Mark, Andy, and Josh their wives and the 5 wonderful grand children you have given us. Thanks for taking care of us when we get old. [/full_width_section] [full_width_section bg_pos="Left Top" bg_repeat="No-Repeat" text_color="Light" image_url="" top_padding="40" bottom_padding="40" background_color=""] [social_buttons facebook="true" twitter="true"] [/full_width_section]