Shaped with PASSION, built to last!

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We at Angulo are all passionate windsurfers that sail hard and a lot, we believe boards should withstand the heaviest use. Having a construction that you can count on is our mission.

The ultimate test for windsurfing products is a windsurfing center. So TWS “Tenerife Windsurfing Solutions” is located on Tenerife, where there is wind all year long. They support our products amongst many other brands. The use of these products in a location like this one will put their durability to the test.

This is what they had to say about our products and the durability of them.

“At our test- and rental centre, Tenerife Windsurf Solution, in El Medano Tenerife we are stocked with the premium models of eight board brands and seven sail brands. With more then 250 scalable days per year we put all the gear really to the test. Over the years and with the evolution of the products we have become experts in raring brands / products on their durability. Angulo boards is in terms of durability and bomb proof construction top notch; strongly build and therefore resisting our ,sometimes brutal, conditions. In terms of price vs durability the Angulo boards really stand out.
Most European windsurfers sail much less then 250 days per year on the water so I am sure that the boards will last for many years as they stay in perfect condition with us. And most important; they windsurf really nice! Based on our experiences I can really endorse the Angulo brand. ”

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