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Henning Action

Henning Voges, reports on his 2014 season in the Spanish Cup.

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Below here we have a few words by Henning himself explaining the 2014 season. Thanks a lot Henning for the update!!

2014 is nearly over, its time to summarize the windsurf season. I competed all events of the spanish funboard tour AEF and could win the title “Grand master” result of winning that category in 3 of 4 events. I finished as 2nd master 2014, and i am in the Top 10 of the overall ranking on 8th position.
Last but not least I finished the AEF tour as 9th in slalom and wave.
Really happy with the 2014 season, we had some brilliant events, met great people and had exciting slalom action.
I would like to thank especially Pieter Bijl from Angulo Boards, Renato Morlotti from GUN SAILS and Timm-Daniel Köpke from Maui Ultra Fins for their great support. Lets get rumble 2015!

As we can see Henning is supporting us by always smiling, he is clearly super stoked to be windsurfing and with that share our passion. Henning we wish you luck for the 2015 season. I’m sure can make it to be on top!!


Henning is not only spending his time racing the Magnums around. When the time and conditions are right he loves to get some wave sailing action. Living in the south of Spain these conditions mostly present it’s self in the winter time. Good times on the water and the best way to stay in shape! Keep shredding Henning!

Henning High Jump

Gautier FRA 665 Magnum 95

Gautier Bourgeois FRA 665 Joins team Angulo!!

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With this addition to Team Angulo we see another young rider, already with a pretty impressive list of achievements. His greatest achievement has him holding the world record speed for under 21 year olds with a blistering-47.65 knots over 500m.

This young rider is finding a balance between business school and his passion “windsurfing”. Living in the south of France Gautier has excess to a lot of good spots and high quality sailing, this in combination with having his brother as a training partner is a recipe for performance.

Good luck Gautier for the 2015 season.

Read a short interview with him below.

  • Where are you from and what makes that place “home”?

I live in south of France and it’s actually a great place for Windsurfing. I’m quite close to some of the best slalom spots with 1 hour and half by car of l’Almanarre and 2 hours of Gruissan. I’m also quite close to Marseille Airport, it’s great for the travels etc…

And if the weather is too cold, I can go quite easily Skiing in the Alps.

I moved a few times when I was young because of my father’s job, so for me “home” is not a unique place, I think home is where you feel good and you have all the people you love.

  • At what age did you start Windsurfing and who inspired you?

I started Windsurfing at 6yo. But I was only practicing one week each year. I really started and became addicted to this sport at the age of 12 when I moved close to the sea. My father gave me the inspiration for this sport. But I also remember watching Robby Naish’s movie with my brother, again and again, or Rigmarole (we loved the sequence with Laird Hamilton going full speed between waves and doing super high jumps)! Then 5years ago, Josh Angulo was in Le Jaï (near Marseille). He was really friendly on the beach and just flying on the water! Riding his boards few years later is really a cool thing! I hope I will meet him again soon :). I also like to follow the results of the French crew on the world cup, especially from the south with Cyril Mouss, Pascal Toselli, etc…

  • How do you overcome ‘bad days’ on the water?

First, I always try to have fun on the water. So when I have a bad day, if my speed is not good or if I get into a crash, I try to remember that I’m doing one of the best sports in the world! And I look forward to the next session to improve and get better result. Since I ride the Angulo board, I don’t have a day like this ;)

  • What other sports do you like to practice?

I still like to practice Skiing few days each year and I love Down Hill biking.

  • What are your goals for this year?

Have fun on the water! In fact I don’t really have goals, I’ll try to do my best on each competition, slalom, speed and long distance.

  • When you’re not on the water where can you be found?

I mix my passion of Windsurfing with studies at Skema Business School. So, If I’m not on the water I should be at School or at home with my girlfriend or my friends.

  • What kind of ‘training program’ do you follow?

My program is to spend the more time on the water as I can. Since last January, I’m in Internship with my sails sponsor, Ka Sail. It means I have the time to go windsurfing almost every windy day. Few weeks ago, I was in Tenerife and had the chance to train with the big boys. It was a great week full of training and I had a lot of fun! I really enjoy the Magnum 95 and 115 there. They are flying over the chop and the jibes are really easy! Now, I sail at home with my brother and it’s a great way to test the equipment and train! When the wind is not coming I do some fitness to stay in shape.

  • Where is your favorite Windsurfing spot and why?

I think my favorite spot at the moment (because I don’t really know a lot) is La Franqui. Blasting over 45knots 2meters away from the beach is a great feeling! But I have to say Tenerife is a great place, especially in winter. It’s windy, warm and you can sail in slalom and wave in the same day J

  • Who are you listening to these days (favorite musician/band)?

I like Dubstep and Electro, especially before a high wind session! Kygo or Oliver Nelson are some of the DJ I enjoy at the moment J As a French guy, I also like Daft Punk.

  • What is the best tip you can give aspiring Windsurfers?

On word : persistence! Windsurfing is not an easy sport! You need to spend a lot of time on the water and one day, it will happen. Taking the planning for the first time is one of the best feelings! It’s amazing, you instantly become addicted to it. You will maybe start to share our way of life by looking at Windguru almost every days, and maybe start to feel bad while you see the trees moving from the window of your work office…

More news on:

Best results:
-47.65 knots over 500m: actual world record holder under -21yo
-11th at the “Defi wind”,1st -21yo
-Mondial du vent: 41.09knots over 500m
2013 and before
-8th at “Le Defi Wind”, 1st -20
-1st young at the “Mondial du Vent”, 14th total
-2nd over 120 at “grand prix de l’Almanarre”

Angulo Victory

Omar Sánchez E33 Joins team Angulo

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 We proudly present Omar Sánchez who will be representing Angulo Hawaii in the realm of our roots and heritage “Wave Sailing!”

When Omar approached us we instantly got excited about this opportunity to support a young wave rider; especially with his enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation. Omar has been competing on the PWA tour for a while now and we look forward to this collaboration!

Here’s a little introduction and interview. Don’t forget to like him on facebook to stay up to date with Omar –

Omar Sánchez

23 years old

Gran Canaria/Pozo izquierdo Spain

Height: 171 cm

Discipline: Wave

Gear: Angulo Victory

Home spot: Pozo Izquierdo

Favorite windsurfing spots: Tenerife, Pozo  izquierdo, Lanzarote, Maui and Fuerteventura

Favorite moves: Frontside 360º and  pushtable

Hobbies: Surf and Padle Tennis

I started windsurfing when I was 10 years old in Pozo Izquierdo, with Hullon a old school from Pozo Izquierdo. In Summer we were everyday with him enjoying windsurfing and having a lot of fun.

Its difficult to compare free sailing and competing, but when I am competing I have to be 100% in the water and do the best of you because if you are not 100% you could have a mistake in the heat. Free sailing you can do everything you want, try moves, enjoying the days with your friends and also try the stuff.

This year I would like to do some travels promotions around Canary islands like Lanzrote, Fuerte and Tenerife, also I will all the PWA wave world tour and maybe one of the AWT event.

How do you overcome ‘bad days’ on the water?

That is a good question, I try to be 100% in the water everyday but sometimes things don’t goes as you want but for these days try to be 100% 1 hour then go out and think what happen and then go inside again.

What are your goals for this year?

I would like to be in top 10 on the PWA wave world tour and also help my sponsor with everything that they need.

When your not on the water where can you be found?

When I am not on the water, I am working at The BD wind&surf School, from the legendary world champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck that also is one on my sponsors. At night you can see me at E- experience training center in Vecindario that they help me in my physical condition.

Where is your favorite Windsurfing spot and why?

Mosca Point a surf spot near the Pozo izquierdo side shore wind and perfect waves, also I like fuerteventura because you can sail in all different conditions in one day.

Who are you listening to these days (favorite musician/band)?

Reggeton, hahaha I like the spanish music and cultural music

What is the best tip you can give aspiring Windsurfers?

I think Pozo izquierdo because you can sail 300 days per year and the rest of the days you can do surfing or other sports and the weather is always good.

Thanks to Angulo for help and trust me in this season ;)

Omar #3 Omar #2

Angulo Magnum 95

Introducing Milan Gielingh, An inspired young gun who joins Angulo for the 2015 season

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We proudly introduce a new and upcoming rider to you. He has been riding the boards for a couple of weeks now during his winter training in Tenerife and is dialed and ready for the season. Loves the product and is proud to have our support.

We welcome Milan to our exclusive team and look forward working with him to push his performance to the next level.

Here is a introduction of our new team rider!

Name: Milan Gielingh,

Sail number: CUR-28,

Date of birth: 20 November 1995,

Weight: 68 kg

Height: 178 cm

Discipline: Freestyle and Slalom,

Gear: Angulo Magnum and Angulo freestyle

Home spot: originally from Curaçao in the Caribbean, but now living in The Netherlands.

Favorite windsurfing spots: Workum The Netherlands, Spanish Waters Curaçao, El Médano Tenerife

Favorite moves: Culo and Skopu,

Hobbies: Surf.

Nineteen year old young gun Milan Gielingh (CUR-28), originally from the island of Curaçao in the Dutch Antilles, made his debut on the PWA Tour in 2014 and also joined the Angulo team in this year.

His first appearance in the PWA was at the DAVIDOFF Cool Water Windsurf World Cup at Sylt, Germany, and he made an exceptionally good impression on his first tour event ever, ending in fourth place in his first heat racing against some of his windsurfing heroes! The heat actually ended in a photo finish which Milan lost only by a nose length right at the finish line… As he himself commented, “my first heat in Sylt was really sick! And then the feeling of being 4th in the heat against the big guys, really awesome!”

According to Milan, growing up in Curaçao was the absolute best, because he could sail almost every day there! The wind conditions on the island average 15-20 knots every day, and for Milan this meant that his daily routine started early in the morning with school, followed by lunch at home and then straight onto the water to windsurf if conditions were good. Milan has now been studying in Holland at the Johan Cruijff College in Nijmegen for the past year, as the school opportunities in Curaçao did not fit his ambitions for a future career. But Holland is cold and not as wind-certain unfortunately … the first thing he did when he arrived there, was buy a nice thick neoprene suit to stay warm!

This young gun’s dream for the future is securing a top 5 spot in the overall PWA Slalom ranking and he intends to train as hard as possible to reach the top! To achieve this, he started training and entering windsurf competitions in 2010. It was always windy on Curaçao, so Milan could train non-stop.

The windsurfing adventure for Milan started at the age of 10 and he never stopped enjoying it. He especially enjoys the competitions as they are fun and a great opportunity to learn and progress. Most of his time on the water he spends freestyling. “It’s more fun than slalom” he adds, “but slalom competitions are waaaaay better!”

“Windsurfing is my life”, he says, “I cannot imagine living without it”, so we will be sure to see him out on the water a lot!!


8th World Championship Slalom Youth 2014

3rd Curaçao Challenge 2014 Slalom Men

2nd Curaçao Challenge 2014 Freestyle Youth

2nd Aruba Hi-Winds 2013 Slalom Youth